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Welcome to Frien10

Welcome to Frien10

Where you can meet great people who share the same interest and make new friends.

Quality Time with Quality People.

Meet great friends, make new connections and learn more about people in your city. You never know what might come of it.

Meet the right group

Sign up via Facebook and set your preferences, our algorithms will work their magic to match you with group of like-minded people. When you all share the same focus, it's so much easier to express your ideas and build a meaningful conversation around your passion.

Ladies' night

Frien10 provides feature for gender-exclusive activity to be more free and comfortable with your group.

How it works?

1. We suggest group should connect with
2. You tell us if you want to connect with them
3. After matching, you can break the ice with the group before the meetup

Frien10 is a mobile app that seeking for reinvent the way friends meet.

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Meet great people,Make new connections